László Tompa wedding DJ

Every one of us plans to have only great fun on their wedding day.

One of the keys to make sure the party is on the right track is to choose the appropriate wedding music.

What should you choose? A band or a wedding DJ? Well, there is no good or bad choice in that respect, but they are obviously different.

Nowadays more and more couples choose to have a DJ at their weddings to make sure they get the quality of music they are accustomed to.

Since the party guests at a wedding have different expectations regarding the music, it is really important to have a play list that includes songs for every age or style.


Most of my couples know exactly what music they would like to listen to at the wedding.

So it is really important to have a personal meeting prior to the big day to provide you with some extra ideas and tips.

It also serves as a great opportunity to introduce ourselves mutually.

In addtion, I can provide you with the necessary sound and light systems you need at a wedding. 


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As a married person, I know how important it is to try to do your best to plan your wedding as thoroughly as possible. I would like to contribute to a great event with my commitment and work.


I hope that by navigating through my site you can find everything you need for your wedding.

Any help from my family is welcome

Wedding and event DJ - FAQ, answers

I can send you my promotional CD if you wish.


You can watch me work live at a wedding. Please contact me for further details.


To receive a quote please inform me about the following:

  • place of the event, (city)
  • venue, (restaurant or hotel)
  • date (year, month, day)
  • number of party guests,
  • your technical needs,
  • appr. the time you plan to end the party.


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The service fee is calculated based on your custom needs and includes travel costs and. To order my services you need to sing a contract and pay a certain amount as deposit.

I can help you choose the appropriate songs for the ceremony, the opening dance, for the cake and the midnight dance, too.


I am already prepared to play music one hour prior to the start of the event. My top quality equipment ensures a trouble-free party.



I care about my professional appearance. During reception and the dinner I provide you with pleasant background music.


The colors of my LED lamps can be matched to the colors of the decoration.


Please inform me about the speakers beforehand to enable me to provide you with the necessary microphone.


From the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the party I continuously play music.


Although I can make some minor announcements at the wedding party, I am no professional master of ceremony. One person can only play one role at a time efficiently.


In case you need it, I can provide you with the necessary equipment to have a slideshow.


I can play traditional Hungarian wedding music on demand and for the bride's dance.


If you think that the music is too loud, please do not hesitate to inform me.


You can provide me with a list of wished songs (appr. 10-20 songs).


During the party I can play some songs picked by the guests if those are approved by the couple.

As an entrepreneur I work legally and use royalty-free CDs.

I work anywhere in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries. Please feel free to ask for a quote for parties abroad, too.

My family inspires me at work